Automated Preanalytical Robotic Workstation- with Auto Barcode

Medical laboratories also play a vital role in the decision-making of physicians about their patients. About 60%–70% of clinical decisions regarding admission, prescription, and discharge are based on laboratory results.

Since Laboratory results play a significant role, more importance should be given to the quality of laboratory tests. However, errors can occur in any phase during the processing of the blood sample.

The errors in laboratory practice are classified into:

Pre-analytical phase

An important component of laboratory medicine is Preanalytical phase. The preanalytical phase comprises all the processes occurring before the sample being processed in the laboratory. It includes specimen collection, handling, Specimen transport, specimen storage and patient-related physiological variables.

Errors occurred during the Preanalytical phase were reported as 60-70% by many published studies.

Error form Preanalyical stage can be from sample contamination from infusion route, hemolyzed, clotted, and insufficient samples, inappropriate containers, etc and other errors related to specimen collection, handling, Specimen transport, and specimen storage.

But one of the gravest issues in Preanalyical phase is the transcriptional error types like ordering tests on the wrong patient, misidentifying the patient, ordering the wrong test, missing sample and/or test request, wrong or missing identification, improper labeling of containers – Transcriptional errors in general.

To avoid these Transcriptional errors Diaso Diagnostics has developed a Preanalytical Barcode Robot.

How it work:

Patient Data entry is done at the Reception. Patient carries a master Brocade along with receipt after date entry from the reception

Machine scans the alignment barcode give by the reception. Either done by Patient at KIOSK counter setup in Lab waiting ares or blood collection technician in Phlebotomy coom.

Machine barcodes and dispends the tube into the tube tray. A smart algorithm inside the machine makes it dispense only the exact type for tube.

Bar-coded tubes fall into the tray , ready for patient collection. Extra labels are dispensed in-case of Urine or Stool tests.

This type of Auto barcode tube labeling is done fast as compared to human pasting, Pasted labels are aligned and clean which makes them highly readable in the laboratory

KJLS-I Working Process

  • 1. Various Input devices are available for reading patient information: Barcode scanning, ID card scanning and keyboard entering, etc.
  • 2. The computer obtains test items information from the LIS system, and give a printing order to KJLS-I labeling system at the same time.
  • 3. The labeling machine chooses the right tubes and sticks label automatically.
  • 4. Labels will be printed and stuck in the right position, with leaving graduation lines or marks of the original manufacturing label uncovered. The secondary printer is used for printing labels of urine/stool/sputum containers. Labels need to be peeled and stuck to containers manually.

Working process of the labeling and queuing machine management system: