Who We Are

Diaso Diagnostics is a Manufacturing and import -Export group based in India,
We have our own Sate of the Art Manufacturing facilities Near Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, INDIA.

Our facilities are equipped with Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Injectables, Vacuum Blood Collection tubes, Vacuum Blood collection Needle and few other important Medical devices.

We also represent few eminent companies from Japan and Europe as their exclusive channel partner in India.

Diaso Diagnostics has a mission to bring global standards in Laboratory Science to its target market of Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa.

Idea is to bridge the final gap existing in clinical pathology results delivery Clinical Laboratory workflow is a value chain that has many components, starting from Preanalytical Stage to Clinical testing to reporting for the test results and any small bottlenecks in any of the function can impact make the final test result.

Diaso Diagnostics is keen to develop its own solution for simple to hard pressing issues faced by Clinical Laboratories. These issues if not addressed can lead to reduced clinical standards.